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Dreams of a better world.


The internet brings the world to our homes. And brings home the disparity of wealth in the world and the suffering in the world . Angelina Jollie gets a $370 000 watch and the A lister’s live a delusional life of luxury whilst much of the world languishes in poverty. We in the apparent first world do not suffer hunger only nutritional starvation ,due to multi national food franchises .Forests are denuded to provide the wrapping on our fast foods. Whilst so many in world go hungry so much food goes to waste. Why is life on this planet so unbalanced .

Billions are spent on probes to Mars or on the Olympic games whilst so many languish in poverty and so many habitats are under increasing threat to fuel the race into the 21st century.  World media flaunts a  unsustainable life style and everyone one wants to live the dream as portrayed on TV. Even though the planets population reaches all time highs that are arguably only sustainable at the expense of other species habitats .  When I was young I joined a humanitarian organisation in Kolkata, only after four years of naive service did I  realise that corruption and personal ambitions saw a misappropriation of funds and donations, money going into personal accounts or organisational infrastructure instead of to the projects it was donated too , such as Orphanages and food programs. Ananda Marga specifically was built on the blood of its indoctrinated recruits, lies and deception, corruption and criminal activities. This  psuedo spiritual organisation is unfortunately indicative of some of the  self proclaimed spiritual charities operating out there.

This experience led me to be cynical of NGO’s and Spiritual Utopian organisations.. Now I am getting older and I am not an enthusiastic energetic altruist . I wish the young realised that in being selfless and giving true happiness comes and being self obsessed and ego centric often does not bring happiness. We live in a world now where it is perceived that with out money, security is hard to find.But  happiness is not  paramount on wealth, health and a loving environment goes a long way to happiness . And it  is true we are in a world that is materialistic and  often the poor are vulnerable and suffer. But how much personal wealth can an individual  or an institution or family have.  The Bill Gates of Billionaires are sadly not a majority and philanthropists are sadly on the decline. Small gestures of sacrifice and altruistic  ideals can make a difference. I think the conciousness of humanity has been diverted into the mundane and  the trivial and the Big picture, the evolution of our species is forgotten. Ideals like equality benevolence compassion and environmental sustainability are important. As  the apparent smart species that is capable of conciousness where has our concious  gone in regards to the suffering of so many animals that all respond to love, caring and compassion . The original idea of the Sannyasi  or monk or  nun  sadhu  what ever you want to call them, is a person that lives  a life that  does  not impact on the environment or other people. they leave very little negative  foot print on this earth but a positive one . There needs are basic and they dedicate  there lives to the pursuit of the unravelling of the human mind.They imbibe  ideals like compassion detachment  and  renunciate many of the things perceived as luxuries. And in the distant past of human history they  where regards as the true hero’s and people to look up too, not sports stars or glibe actors.   Maybe this ideal is not practical for the 21st century and it is naive. I do not believe you can necessarily  renunciate something you have not experienced. And A life of repression is not a good life . But  there need s to be a happy medium. Religious  bigotry nationalism  have  been  the cause of so much conflict on this planet . But more then any thing resources have been the biggest causes of war, whether for food water  forests  minerals etc and still  today  the world leaders are vying with one  another  for the blood of this planet like it is not a living being. China in its rapacious hunger for resources sees the last forests of Burma only as a resource to be exploited with no regard for  the bio diversity of  forests and it inhabitants. The USA grasps for dominion of  fossil fuel  countries and it consumer multi national world dominion is  diametrically opposed to  many of the Values of  the Islamic world.  And whilst the world spends billions of  dollars in the Arms race the planet is suffering like never before and in the west the human psyche is being eroded away  with mental health issues and cynicism .Do a charitable act today a self less act  contribute a one off payment to  helping an endangered species . Feed a stray dog  do not judge others do a positive act every day. And in a small way make a difference  in a positive way. I know  so many are suffering not just the poor, the human condition is not an easy one.


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